felicity's road

deja vu

have you ever walked into a room

or driven down a street

and had the uncanny feeling that you have been there before?

this feeling is often referred to as the term deja vu

this french word in literal translation means

already seen

it is the impression that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation

even though the remembrance of this exact situation is unclear

or some would even say imagined

the term was coined by a french researcher

emile boirac

even as a young girl

i have always experienced strong feelings of deja vu

and in spite of the eeriness it may bring on

i believe it is a sign i am where i was meant to be

all theories of memory include two processes

familiarity and recollection

it is the remembrance of a situation that should be brand new that is so off setting

sometimes life is uncertain or unclear

but i believe these small signs are a good indicator that i am in the right place

at this particular time in my life even if the exact moment may not be so perfect

every chapter of our lives seems to bring a new challenge

it is so hard to know if you are on the right life path

but if you move forward with a strong will

and a good intention

you will always be headed towards

the next best thing




out of time

timing is a funny thing

the concept of time is often a little deceiving

people refer to time as something that is running out

or is happening too quickly

but in reality it moves at the same pace

every day of our lives

the only things that changes is what we do

to make it feel faster or slower

some people believe that time doesn’t really exist

they believe there is no real end or beginning

we are just evolving

with no restrictions on when we will be

“out of time”

if you concentrate too hard on your timeline

it is almost as if you are living by a ticking time clock

i have many friends who judge their happiness or personal success

based on this concept of running out of time

the truth is

there is no such real danger of running out of time

because it is infinite

just choose what you do with your time wisely

and make it count

when you take your time

you don’t rush into the wrong decisions

and when the time is right

the right things will happen

make sure you are ready when the moment presents itself

as i get older and experience more of life’s challenges and triumphs

i realize that time really has been on my side

sweet dreams,



nine lives

there are all kinds of love in the world

but never the same love twice

throughout our life

we will meet so many different people and have a love for many of them

love for friends

love for family

and love for a partner

over the past couple of years of my life

i have learned more about love and relationships

then all of my years of existence combined

and in order to do that

i had to be alone

isn’t that ironic?

it’s interesting the clarity that comes from understanding what you were

and what you could be

but to get there i had to take that journey alone

and now i know

i have loved and lost in the past

as have many

but everything always healed, almost as if it never happened

life has a strange way of re-inventing itself over and over

they say a cat has nine lives

but i believe a human has many, many more than that

when is the last time you re-invented yourself

not on the outside

but the way you look at everything around you and what truly matters

many of the things i used to think were so important when i was younger

i realize are not what i need anymore

how many lives have you lived already?




have you ever had a really bad day?

or something bad happened to someone that you love

something that they didn’t deserve

do you wonder why things work themselves out the way they do

if you ever are in doubt

just put your hand over your heart

what you feel is


there is a purpose for everything that happens

whether it is positive or negative

it happened for a reason

there are so many things that happen not just in our lives but in the lives all around us

sometimes terrible things

sometimes wonderful things

just take comfort in the fact

that you are right where you are supposed to be at this moment in time

and what is happening to you serves a very specific purpose

that will play itself out in due course

be in love with your life

every detail of it

even when it’s hard

sweet dreams



ghost stories

do you believe in ghosts?

i am starting to the older i get

they say that a ghost is the soul of a person who is trapped between the living and eternal rest

ghosts and poltergeist manifestations date back all the way to the 1st century

and are prominent in countries such as japan, brazil and all across europe

they wander anxiously, looking for peace and eternal rest

there is often a story that was left untold

the city of san francisco has a very unusual ghost

a young woman in white who walks outside

this woman is said to be flora sommerton

she was eighteen in 1876, a celebrated beauty, heiress and the toast of society

her parents decided to cement her status by forcing her to marry a wealthy, older man

she disappeared the day of her wedding

she showed up eventually in butte, montana found dead in the same white dress she disappeared in

flora is said to be a haunting fixture in the city of san francisco

have you ever experienced an encounter with the supernatural?

there is so much we don’t know about unchanneled energy and what lies beyond life

i seem to have run across these restless souls a time or two in my life

perhaps they are trying to tell us something

maybe the message is – enjoy you life

for you only live once

and after that eternity is infinite



change is inevitable

today was a a very sad day indeed

it was a day of laying to rest a wonderful man who was loved and respected by many

as i sat in the  beautiful memorial service surrounded by the love and emotion in the room

i reflected on what a remarkable impact this person had on those around him

and i couldn’t help thinking about life in general and how precious and short our time here truly is

change is inevitable in our lives

and i find myself at a particular crossroads these days where change seems to be coming from every angle

friends are moving on and away, co-workers are changing and i myself am evolving from young

to grown up

in all the madness and chaos of the every day

i do know that in my journey i have become positive of one thing

i will not settle for a life not worth living

for my profession i will only work for something i believe in where i am positively challenged and fulfilled

i will not get into a relationship unless i know it is one of worth and will be filled with love and happiness

i will try to live by the rule “do unto others….” and strive to be a person of character and integrity

but also love and compassion

our lives are always a work in progress

the greatest tribute for a life well lived is what i had the honor of witnessing today

a group of people from all different walks of life coming together to give thanks and say kind words of praise and appreciation

do not fear growing old for it is a privilege denied to many

tonight may be dark, but the dawn always brings a new day

and i hope a little more peace to accept what we can not control

that is all we can ask for when life hands us change

sweet dreams



5 things my father taught me

as a young girl growing up

i would hang on to every little thing my father would say

in my eyes he was the smartest man in the world

and if i just did what he told me to

i would end up a-ok

here are the 5 most important things my father ever taught me


educate yourself

no matter what happens in this world, people can take away your money, your home and your loved ones

but no one can take away your knowledge

the more you have, the better off you will be to take on this life


remember family and friend’s birthdays 

it is such a small gesture

but it goes a very long way


do not marry someone until you have known them for two full years

it takes at least two years to fully know the ins and outs of someone’s true personality

in two years that will be enough time to make a fair decision

if this is really the right person to spend your life with


always live within your means

this is a common mistake that many people make, young and old

the pressures of society to live a certain lifestyle and buy extravagant things is strong

be smart with your money


don’t go out for dinner every night

this actually has a much deeper, underlying meaning

growing up as a boy in costa rica my father grew up during a much simpler time

they lived off the family farm and going out to a fancy dinner was reserved for very special occasions

cook dinner at home with your friends and family for ordinary nights

when you do go out to eat, go somewhere amazing and make it special

there are so many other things that i could write about

but these simple things i love and try to live my life by

happy tuesday!



spring awakening

the first day of spring is only two days away

and i can hardly wait

spring is such a lovely, elegant season

it is a time for things to start fresh and grow from the fruits of our labor

we all worked so hard during the dark winter and fall days

long, lonely nights at the office or burrowing under the blankets in the cold

the coming of spring always makes me want to plan lots of wonderful new trips

and weekend get-aways

everything seems possible in the spring

so now it’s time to brush off your old dreams and dresses

the sun is coming out

and he wants a new best friend

i can’t wait for a new season

happy frolicking to you all!



leap year

leap year is here

it is the year that comes every fours years to synchronize the

the astronomical calendar to keep from drifting through the seasons too rapidly

there is something very special about a leap year

we are being given an extra day that we normally do not have

since it always feels like there are not enough hours in a day

what did you do with an entire extra day?

did you catch up on everything you fell behind on

from the stress of every day living?

or was it just another day

in honor of this lucky day i felt like i should have seen at least one person

who looked like this

or this

no such luck

happy extra day in the year to you all

i hope you used it wisely



pencil me in

the everlasting battle to be what society deems the standards of


is what i fondly refer to as

pencil girls

the desire to be a pencil girl dates back to medieval times

where the ladies had a little extra help  the corset

now a days we don’t have the luxury of a whale boned contraption to help us deceive the public eye

so we have to do it the old fashioned way

work it out

keep working….

don’t get discouraged

all your hard work will pay off, i promise

and please don’t go wandering off into the enchanted woods to see the witch doctor

there is no “magic” pill or juice that will fix this problem

there are just two very simple rules-

you have to control what you put in your body

and you have to work it out, hard

and do not make the treacherous mistake of comparing yourself to someone else

we are all built differently and what looks good on one person may not work for someone else

height, build and genetic make-up have a lot to do with what looks best on you

so keep up the good work!

and take some time after all your hard efforts to take care of yourself and remember that no matter what

physical appearance is so fleeting and only surface level

don’t beat yourself up over it too badly

no matter what, you look always look lovely with a big smile

happy sweating!