ghost stories

by Ana Elena

do you believe in ghosts?

i am starting to the older i get

they say that a ghost is the soul of a person who is trapped between the living and eternal rest

ghosts and poltergeist manifestations date back all the way to the 1st century

and are prominent in countries such as japan, brazil and all across europe

they wander anxiously, looking for peace and eternal rest

there is often a story that was left untold

the city of san francisco has a very unusual ghost

a young woman in white who walks outside

this woman is said to be flora sommerton

she was eighteen in 1876, a celebrated beauty, heiress and the toast of society

her parents decided to cement her status by forcing her to marry a wealthy, older man

she disappeared the day of her wedding

she showed up eventually in butte, montana found dead in the same white dress she disappeared in

flora is said to be a haunting fixture in the city of san francisco

have you ever experienced an encounter with the supernatural?

there is so much we don’t know about unchanneled energy and what lies beyond life

i seem to have run across these restless souls a time or two in my life

perhaps they are trying to tell us something

maybe the message is – enjoy you life

for you only live once

and after that eternity is infinite