change is inevitable

by Ana Elena

today was a a very sad day indeed

it was a day of laying to rest a wonderful man who was loved and respected by many

as i sat in the  beautiful memorial service surrounded by the love and emotion in the room

i reflected on what a remarkable impact this person had on those around him

and i couldn’t help thinking about life in general and how precious and short our time here truly is

change is inevitable in our lives

and i find myself at a particular crossroads these days where change seems to be coming from every angle

friends are moving on and away, co-workers are changing and i myself am evolving from young

to grown up

in all the madness and chaos of the every day

i do know that in my journey i have become positive of one thing

i will not settle for a life not worth living

for my profession i will only work for something i believe in where i am positively challenged and fulfilled

i will not get into a relationship unless i know it is one of worth and will be filled with love and happiness

i will try to live by the rule “do unto others….” and strive to be a person of character and integrity

but also love and compassion

our lives are always a work in progress

the greatest tribute for a life well lived is what i had the honor of witnessing today

a group of people from all different walks of life coming together to give thanks and say kind words of praise and appreciation

do not fear growing old for it is a privilege denied to many

tonight may be dark, but the dawn always brings a new day

and i hope a little more peace to accept what we can not control

that is all we can ask for when life hands us change

sweet dreams