out of time

by Ana Elena

timing is a funny thing

the concept of time is often a little deceiving

people refer to time as something that is running out

or is happening too quickly

but in reality it moves at the same pace

every day of our lives

the only things that changes is what we do

to make it feel faster or slower

some people believe that time doesn’t really exist

they believe there is no real end or beginning

we are just evolving

with no restrictions on when we will be

“out of time”

if you concentrate too hard on your timeline

it is almost as if you are living by a ticking time clock

i have many friends who judge their happiness or personal success

based on this concept of running out of time

the truth is

there is no such real danger of running out of time

because it is infinite

just choose what you do with your time wisely

and make it count

when you take your time

you don’t rush into the wrong decisions

and when the time is right

the right things will happen

make sure you are ready when the moment presents itself

as i get older and experience more of life’s challenges and triumphs

i realize that time really has been on my side

sweet dreams,