nine lives

by Ana Elena

there are all kinds of love in the world

but never the same love twice

throughout our life

we will meet so many different people and have a love for many of them

love for friends

love for family

and love for a partner

over the past couple of years of my life

i have learned more about love and relationships

then all of my years of existence combined

and in order to do that

i had to be alone

isn’t that ironic?

it’s interesting the clarity that comes from understanding what you were

and what you could be

but to get there i had to take that journey alone

and now i know

i have loved and lost in the past

as have many

but everything always healed, almost as if it never happened

life has a strange way of re-inventing itself over and over

they say a cat has nine lives

but i believe a human has many, many more than that

when is the last time you re-invented yourself

not on the outside

but the way you look at everything around you and what truly matters

many of the things i used to think were so important when i was younger

i realize are not what i need anymore

how many lives have you lived already?