deja vu

by Ana Elena

have you ever walked into a room

or driven down a street

and had the uncanny feeling that you have been there before?

this feeling is often referred to as the term deja vu

this french word in literal translation means

already seen

it is the impression that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation

even though the remembrance of this exact situation is unclear

or some would even say imagined

the term was coined by a french researcher

emile boirac

even as a young girl

i have always experienced strong feelings of deja vu

and in spite of the eeriness it may bring on

i believe it is a sign i am where i was meant to be

all theories of memory include two processes

familiarity and recollection

it is the remembrance of a situation that should be brand new that is so off setting

sometimes life is uncertain or unclear

but i believe these small signs are a good indicator that i am in the right place

at this particular time in my life even if the exact moment may not be so perfect

every chapter of our lives seems to bring a new challenge

it is so hard to know if you are on the right life path

but if you move forward with a strong will

and a good intention

you will always be headed towards

the next best thing