5 things my father taught me

by Ana Elena

as a young girl growing up

i would hang on to every little thing my father would say

in my eyes he was the smartest man in the world

and if i just did what he told me to

i would end up a-ok

here are the 5 most important things my father ever taught me


educate yourself

no matter what happens in this world, people can take away your money, your home and your loved ones

but no one can take away your knowledge

the more you have, the better off you will be to take on this life


remember family and friend’s birthdays 

it is such a small gesture

but it goes a very long way


do not marry someone until you have known them for two full years

it takes at least two years to fully know the ins and outs of someone’s true personality

in two years that will be enough time to make a fair decision

if this is really the right person to spend your life with


always live within your means

this is a common mistake that many people make, young and old

the pressures of society to live a certain lifestyle and buy extravagant things is strong

be smart with your money


don’t go out for dinner every night

this actually has a much deeper, underlying meaning

growing up as a boy in costa rica my father grew up during a much simpler time

they lived off the family farm and going out to a fancy dinner was reserved for very special occasions

cook dinner at home with your friends and family for ordinary nights

when you do go out to eat, go somewhere amazing and make it special

there are so many other things that i could write about

but these simple things i love and try to live my life by

happy tuesday!