pencil me in

by Ana Elena

the everlasting battle to be what society deems the standards of


is what i fondly refer to as

pencil girls

the desire to be a pencil girl dates back to medieval times

where the ladies had a little extra help  the corset

now a days we don’t have the luxury of a whale boned contraption to help us deceive the public eye

so we have to do it the old fashioned way

work it out

keep working….

don’t get discouraged

all your hard work will pay off, i promise

and please don’t go wandering off into the enchanted woods to see the witch doctor

there is no “magic” pill or juice that will fix this problem

there are just two very simple rules-

you have to control what you put in your body

and you have to work it out, hard

and do not make the treacherous mistake of comparing yourself to someone else

we are all built differently and what looks good on one person may not work for someone else

height, build and genetic make-up have a lot to do with what looks best on you

so keep up the good work!

and take some time after all your hard efforts to take care of yourself and remember that no matter what

physical appearance is so fleeting and only surface level

don’t beat yourself up over it too badly

no matter what, you look always look lovely with a big smile

happy sweating!